We design and build bag stackers for loading bags into godowns or vehicles for any further transportation. 

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    Cereals, sugar, grain, and sugar bags are all handled with a stacker. It saves time and money by reducing staff. The equipment is made up of a frame made of heavy-duty angle that is installed on a chassis with tires. A winch is provided to alter the height at which you must place the bags. You can control the winch manually or with the help of a motor. Stackers could be used to unload and load bags from trucks. 

    APPLICATION: Stacker for Bags Conveyors can be used to stack bags at various heights, from the floor to the ceiling. The operators will unload the bags from the trucks and set them on the conveyor, transporting them to the top of the bag stacking position. These conveyors is mainly used in warehouse stockpiling. 

    Advantages of Bag Stacker Conveyor

    1. Lowers labor expenses
    2. Allows advanced stacking and retreat setup.
    3. Any stacking approach has the lowest average cost per tonne.
    4. The most economical and adaptable means of transporting and stacking.
    5. Saves space

    Features of Bag Stacker Conveyor

    1. Hydraulic cylinders play a vital role to lift the conveyor and for height adjustment.
    2. Total structure is mounted on chassis for proper balance.
    3. Instead of flat belt, chevron belt is provided for proper griping.
    4. Square tube structure gives it strength and more durability.
    5. Having no chains, no sprocket and no couplings means it saves time while lifting.

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