We are a leading manufacturer of Truck Loader-Unloader Mobile Conveyor Units for all applications such as boxes, cartons, bags, and other materials in warehouses, bottling factories, distilleries, and other locations where you must handle material quickly and efficiently. This conveyor is primarily used to decrease labour and save time. Easy movability, a slider bed design, and no maintenance are some of the benefits of this conveyor.


Ground Level Truck Loader

Platform Level Truck Loader

vivian truck loaders are mainly used for flexible unloading and loading of trucks upto 28 feet length (weight up to 50 kg), these units are widely used in sugar industries, warehouse, Flourmills, Beverage Industries, Logistics etc. Beyond 28 feet length we suggest to go for vivian telescopic belt conveyors.

Vivian Conveyors truck loaders can alter height as needed to load and unload goods to and from vehicles. Conveyors with hydraulic inclination were accessible in our product line.  We make conveyors that can handle various items such as boxes, bags, cartons, bottles, and so on.


  • A slider bed is employed instead of idlers for smooth and effective conveyance. 
  • A power switch is installed in front of the conveyor to maintain the flow of loading.
  • Side rails are provided to avoid spillage of material. 
  • Headlamps are provided to work easily in dark.
  • This is a Portable unit and can be handled by single person.


  • Smooth loading and unloading of trucks and containers.
  • Truck can be loaded or unloaded with the help of only 2-3 labors
  • Time require for loading/unloading of items will be 40% lesser as compare to manual process.
  • We can use the height-adjustable front boom for stacking as well. 

Truck loader conveyor

A fixed or moveable conveyor is the most basic truck loading or unloading conveyor. Truck Loader by feeding these conveyors up to or onto a truck or trailer, you may increase the productivity and speed of your workforce. Truck loaders are motorized conveyors that enable items to be loaded or unloaded from vehicles without the assistance of a person. A practical, quick, and affordable method for loading or unloading a truck is provided by truck loaders. They work in various industries, such as those that produce food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, chemicals, pesticides, and other alcoholic beverage bottling businesses.

Truck loaders are designed to be more manoeuvrable and adaptable to the many restrictions present in the various industrial layouts. It comprises a motorized straight bed conveyor that runs initially and a horizontal conveyor that moves the goods to the stacking areas. The telescoping boom connection to the horizontal conveyor, which enables automated length adjustment as needed, is the unique characteristic of this kind of conveyor. In order to adapt to the various heights involved in loading and unloading activities, the horizontal component of the conveyor also has a provision for vertical height adjustment Truck Loader. Most of these truck-loading systems’ characteristics may be designed to meet the demands and specifications of the client in both quantitative and qualitative ways.

A truck loader reduces the amount of time that people and materials need to travel about the working area, which helps to prevent many potential hazards. The time factor in the dispatch sections of the material handling staff is minimised to the absolute minimum, boosting the workers’ productivity.


  • lowers labour expenses while loading and unloading
  • reduces space
  • swift and effective loading technique
  • minimal expenses of upkeep

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