The mobile belt conveyors are one of the most prevalent conveyor systems in use today. These conveyors are useful for internal conveyance, i.e. transporting bags and boxes within a facility. This type of conveyors are arranged in series to cover the require distance.

 Items are placed on top of the moving belt and carried from one end to the other. Items can be carried in the straight path as well as they can be turned 90 degree by the help of turning rollers.


APPLICATION: Mobile belt conveyors are often the conveyor of choice for industrial environments, go down areas, warehouse, logistics etc. Fitted with right belt, it can convey bags, boxes, crates, container, glass bottles, etc. with the standard speed of 0.4 m/s (can be varied by adding VFD)


  1. The strength of this conveyor is in its structure which is the square tube.
  2. Direct coupled gearbox and motor means no chains, no sprocket and no couplings.
  3. Solid tyres are provided in place of rubber tyres for lifelong durability.
  4. Telescopic legs are provided both sides to maintain horizontal level.
  5. Light weight and easily moveable.
  6. No maintenance at all.


  1. It is one of the cheapest ways to move material long distances.
  2. There is virtually no degradation of your product caused by conveying.
  3. The material can be visible on the belt while being conveyed.
  4. Weighing unit can be installed between two mobile conveyors
  5. Belts can have sidewalls added to stop product spillage.