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The mobile wagon unloading system is designed for bulk material i.e loose grain, maize etc handling. 


    The mobile wagon unloading system is designed for bulk material i.e loose grain ,maize etc handling. Loose bulk material from bags is unloaded to the hopper without any need for an additional pit. The enclosed belt conveyor carries the bulk loose grain to tipper truck or hopper where the loose grain is unloaded.

    The mobile wagon unloading conveyor is designed to convey bulk loose grain up to 100 tons per hour.

    1. With the help of specially designed belt type conveyor the bulk material is handled in a very gentle way.
    2. Equipment is placed on a wheel with chassis for easy mobility.
    3. Equipped with a double hydraulic system to elevate & reduce the discharge height as per the requirement.
    4. 3 Phase electric directly coupled drive unit with VFD helps to adjust the speed of the conveyor belt i.e increase / decrease
    5. Enclosed transparent structure helps protect dusting & spillage.


    We offer a range of solutions with wagon loading systems to load rail wagons. With the shortage of manpower, wagon loaders have become a necessity of the modern world. Vivian wagon loading technology allows coarse bulk materials to be loaded efficiently and with minimal dust into rail wagons and open goods vehicles. Belt conveyors are used to transport goods and materials. By incorporating the latest technologies in planning, design and production, we are able to ensure that our machines efficiently and reliably deliver on your loading requirements. In addition to individual machines, we can also provide complete systems. We provide efficient loading of wagons for different bulk materials, such as coal, iron ore, limestone, phosphates, grain, cement, and more, as the final discharge point at the mine or port.

    Our services:

    Our company designs, fabricates, and supplies a wide range of wagon loading systems that are specifically tailored to the needs of our clients. The systems we offer can either be fully automated or semi-automated. In non-automated systems, the material is loaded by feeder belts or flap valves. Bulk material bottlenecks often occur at train loading stations, where throughput and wagon capacity utilization directly affect margins.Our services: It is common for operators to intentionally slow down the loading process out of fear when a loadout system does not deliver the necessary speed and precision. As a result, overfilling not only incurs costs, but also can pose environmental challenges. In turn, this results in underutilized capacity, which presents its own unique challenges. A Wagon Loading Station ensures maximum utilization of each wagon's capacity by loading rail cars efficiently, accurately, and safely. You can choose between manual or automated controls. With high accuracy and flexibility, you will be able to achieve loading speeds you desire.

    These features include:

    1. All wagon loading systems are capable of accurate loading.
    2. Individual wagons are not overloaded because of our flexible wagon loading systems.
    3. Operation that is dust-free and environmentally friendly
    4. Flexibility and compatible
    5. Control of dispatch automatically
    6. Throughput rates that are high
    7. Parts are made easily available
    8. Maintenance is easy


    1. Increasing your bottom line with wagon loading stations.
    2. Speed up and improve accuracy
    3. Using our Wagon Loading Station will result in a faster loading time per wagon, as well as increasing
    4. profits by accurately filling each wagon without over- or underloading.
    5. As a result, a truly profitable, unmanned, automated train loading system can handle today's
    6. challenges and requirements of bulk material transportation.
    7. Cycle times are reduced.
    8. Optimizing loading accuracy and speed allows you to load more wagons per shift by reducing overall
    9. loading cycle times.
    10. Operational reliability is high.
    11. In even the harshest environments, our Wagon Loaders are capable of operating consistently and reliably.

    We offer the following services:

    1. Loading rail wagons accurately.
    2. A rail loadout system's three main goals are speed, accuracy, and consistency.
    3. You can meet all of these goals with our Wagon Loading Station, which incorporates decades of conveyor manufacturing experience, while ensuring wagons are neither underloaded nor overloaded.
    4. In addition to competent engineering, fast and reliable on-site service, and optional spare parts supply, we ensure a high level of system reliability.
    5. Services for wagon loading planning.
    6. Solution advice
    7. Feasibility studies
    8. Capacity Expansion studies


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