The mobile wagon unloading system is designed for bulk material i.e loose grain ,maize etc handling. Loose bulk material from bags is unloaded to the hopper without any need for an additional pit. The enclosed belt conveyor carries the bulk loose grain to tipper truck or hopper where the loose grain is unloaded.

The mobile wagon unloading conveyor is designed to convey bulk loose grain upto 100 tons per hour.

  1. With the help of specially designed belt type conveyor the bulk material is handled in a very gentle way.
  2. Equipment is placed on a wheel with chassis for easy mobility.
  3. Equipped with a double hydraulic system to elevate & reduce the discharge height as per the requirement.
  4. 3 Phase electric directly coupled drive unit with VFD helps to adjust the speed of the conveyor belt i.e increase / decrease
  5. Enclosed transparent structure helps protect dusting & spillage.